Rachel Bacon

AER 2017 Resident at the BANFF Centre, Alberta, Canada, 11.09 – 06.10 2017

Residency- Geologic Time, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada

11 September –  06 October 2017

This Banff International Curatorial residency asks: How might a geologic lens affect artistic and curatorial practice? As the Earth’s history and system dynamics absorb the effects of modern human actions, what is at stake for cultural production? Art histories are full of biophysical processes from the enabling effects of industrial fossil capitalism, to the legacies of landscape representation. Yet how might curatorial and artistic practice venture beyond the great gulf between society and nature that was forged by a nineteenth-century understanding of human activities? This program of fieldwork, seminars, and independent study will ponder geological formations and stratigraphy, minerals, and resource extraction to speculate about a more expansive, slower and longer-term view of art, exhibitions, and their institutions.