Rachel Bacon — Fault Lines: Research Exhibition KABK | 2019

Fault Lines: Research Exhibition KABK | 2019

Fault Lines: Some Research Methods in Art and Design, December 6–10, 2019. Photo: Katarina Juričić

At the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (KABK), tutors and staff are able to apply to be a part of the Design Lectoraat, a program that allows them to work as a research group for a period of one year on their own projects. In 2018 – 2019 I was fortunate to take part in the group, led by research professor and lector Dr. Alice Twemlow, in which we met once a month to discuss our projects together.

The research year culminated in a symposium and an exhibition in which we presented our projects which addressed, through a combination of theoretical, historical and practice-based research, some of the pressing issues of our time, namely: ecological crisis, digital pollution, surveillance infrastructure, coloniality and affect space.

While some of the artistic outcomes of the research are on display, the aim of the exhibition, designed by Judy Wetters, has been to extrapolate and make legible the research methods that were used to gather, surface and analyze findings. By revealing and reflecting upon the normally hidden mechanics and motivations of the research process, we aim to contribute to the building of a research culture at KABK that is as open and imaginative as it is rigorous.

Featured researchers: myself, tutor in KABK BA Fine Arts; Eric Kluitenberg, tutor in KABK BA ArtScience, MA ArtScience, and Interactive Media/Design; Niels Schrader, (in collaboration with Roel Backaert,) co-head of KABK BA Graphic Design and MA Non-Linear Narrative; Rosa te Velde, tutor in BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, and Donald Weber, tutor in KABK BA Photography and MA Photography & Society.

To read more about my research project, please see my essay ‘Undermining Value’, on open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain

For more information on the exhibition, please visit the exhibition webpage.

Work samples, drawings and photographs of Hambach Mine in Elsdorf, Germany. Photo: Katarina Juričić
Work samples, drawings and photographs of Hambach Mine in Elsdorf, Germany, detail. Photo: Katarina Juričić
Orebodies, 2019, 12 Drawings, graphite on paper on foil, 120 x 166 cm, each 29 x 41cm
9 Key Words. Photo: Katarina Juričić