Rachel Bacon

Home Sweet Home Sick, 2008


Home Sweet Home Sick


This series of drawings was made for 9 residents of Ypenburg, one of the newly developed Dutch Vinex neighborhoods (rather anonymous looking residential areas where the residents have all recently moved) who volunteered to describe their feelings of homesickness.


Home Sweet Home Sick took place during a 3 month stay as an artist-in-residence in 7×11 in Ypenburg, NL, with the support of Heden and Stroom Den Haag.


After an initial interview, a drawing was made of their homesickness, and another appointment scheduled, for the participant to return and make comments on the drawing. Based on these remarks, another drawing was made, and so on until a conclusion was reached. Ultimately the subject of the drawings became the process of searching for something that could not really be recovered. Though it eventually became clear that it would be impossible to return to the thing that was longed for, something else appeared in its place; namely that art can sometimes be a consolation.


First and last drawings for T., homesick for how things used to be. Each 21 x 21 cm, colored pencil, 2008


First and last in a series of 4 drawings for M. who was homesick for her old house in the center of the city. Each 21 x 21 cm, colored pencil, 2008


10.-9.-home-sweet-home-sick copy

At the end of the period of 3 months, an exhibition was held in the building where the residency was housed in Ypenburg.