Rachel Bacon

How the Land Lies, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, IE, 25.01 – 02.05 2020

How the Land Lies


Andrew Youngson, Catriona Leahy, Luci Eldridge, Rachel Bacon and Wieteke Heldens


Sirius Arts Centre
Opens Saturday 25 January 3pm
Runs until 02 May, 2020


The word landscape has deep-rooted traditions and associations to formal composition, aesthetics and “the pictorial” within the context of art history. Referring to the visible world, its generic meaning suggests a unified perspective where the role of the spectator is central. The body and its orientation in space serves as a medium for the reception and interpretation of landscape and provides the comforting limits to an otherwise daunting, limitless vista – both spatial and temporal. This anthropocentric viewpoint reinforces the origins of the word; derived from the Dutch word landschap, landscape literally means the shaping of the land by people. It is this problematic meaning that underpins much of the work and research of the five participating artists in this exhibition.


Together, their work suggests that what we see is not what is there – the land lies and therefore merits a closer reading, interpretation and metaphorical excavation. Each artist uses a variety of approaches that problematise established notions of landscape – be it natural, built or imagined – revealing hidden or latent features inscribed within. Through their work they offer a range of perspectives on how we experience, perceive and interpret our landscapes of the future as well as its cumulative and contested past.




This exhibition is made possible by The Arts Council of Ireland, Cork County Council and Stroom Den Haag