Rachel Bacon


1. IMG_2234*


2016, 12.9 x 2.84 m, paint on concrete wall


This wall painting was made during the wonderful MALONNY arts festival, held in June and July 2016 in Marijampolė, Lithuania.


See https://www.facebook.com/Malonny-241000852755365/ for more images of the festival!


Based on a piece of crumpled paper, the many tones of gray from black to white describe a pattern of damage. Normally discarded, the crumpled paper has been retrieved and re-imagined as something resembling a cross section of granite, upending conventional ideas of value and solidity.


3. IMG_2221*

Damage to a piece of paper always remains visible, it’s impossible to make the paper smooth again. In the same way, the damage or trauma to individual lives may also leave indelible marks, that form and influence both personal and communal history.

4. IMG_2189*


photo Eli Elysee