Rachel Bacon

Saari Residence Portfolio Rachel Bacon


Saari Residence Portfolio Rachel Bacon


Rachel, at Lake Minnewanka, Canada, during a residency at Banff Centre for the Arts


photo: Max Andrews



Slump, 2018, graphite on paper,

232 x 124cm



Exhibition at Delson or Sherman, 2018, Cornered (left) and Slump (right)



Cornered, 2016, graphite on paper,

42 x 30cm



FaultLines I & II, 2017, graphite on paper,

420 x 130cm



At the invitation of De Cacaofabriek in Helmond, I organized an exhibition in 2018 with my series of drawings Emotional Landscape as the starting point. The drawings do not refer to a literal landscape but to something unseen, to the layers below the surface. This can be a personal vulnerability, geological activity such as shifting of strata, or a collective history. Some drawings, such as Mirny, refer to an actual site, in this case the largest open pit diamond mine in Siberia. I wish to make the hidden layer carefully visible, and to revalue the often ignored wounds or damage. For Unfolding Landscape, the drawings consist of spatial forms, where the paper is damaged by wrinkling. The paper is then repaired again and covered with a layer of graphite whereby the folding and break lines become especially dark. The graphite has the same chemical structure as diamond and when light falls on the drawings they radiate a precious shine. By placing the works in space, both a physical and an artistic landscape is created.


For the exhibition, I invited four artists with whom I share the theme of the hidden landscape: Andrew Youngson (UK), Catriona Leahy (IE), Luci Eldridge (UK), and Wieteke Heldens (NL) to take part. The exhibition was made possible by Stroom Den Haag.


Exhibition Unfolding Landscape at De Cacaofabriek, 2018, FaultLines I (left) and Pencil, graphite on paper, 900cm high, 26cm ∅ (right)


photo: Andrew Youngson



FaultLines I, 2017, graphite on paper,

210 x 130cm



Exhibition Unfolding Landscape at De Cacaofabriek, Mirny, 2017, graphite on paper, 148 x 144cm



Mirny, 2017, graphite on paper,

148 x 144cm



Mirny, detail



Excavation, 2018, graphite on paper, 180cm high, 18cm ∅



Emotional Landscape, 2016, graphite on paper, 48 x 64cm



Equilibrium, 2016, graphite on paper,

99 x 75cm



Equilibrium, overview, 2016, graphite on paper, 99 x 75cm




UnBecoming, 2016, graphite on paper,

55 x 80cm



How a Pencil Becomes a Diamond, 2016, graphite on paper, installation view with

5 drawings



The following are background images from my research project Undermining Value, 2018, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL. Photos from site visit to the lignite mine Tagebau Hambach, Buir, DE, Western Europe’s largest open pit mine.


Terra-Nova, viewpoint, Elsdorf, DE.



Model of Tagebau Hambach, from RWE Power’s exhibit on the excavation and utilization of lignite coal, at Paffendorf Castle in Bergheim, DE.



Digging machine, Etzweiler, Elsdorf, DE



Tagebau Hambach



Preliminary sketch for Landfillscapes, 2018, graphite rubbing on paper,

35 x 50 cm