Rachel Bacon

Slump, 2018

Exhibition at the DUMBO office of Delson or Sherman, NYC,

March 14 – April 4, 2018

Slump, 2018, pencil on paper,

242 x 130cm

Slump, detail


From right to left: Slump, Cornered, Mirny and FaultLines I

Cornered and Slump

Cornered, 2016, pencil on paper,

42 x 30cm

FaultLines I, Mirny and Cornered

FaultLines I and Mirny

FaultLines I, 2017, pencil on paper,

210 x 130cm

FaultLines I, detail

Mirny, Cornered and Slump

Mirny, detail

FaultLines I, Mirny and Slump