Rachel Bacon

Other Orebodies, 2020

The Other Orebody, graphite on paper on foil, 24 drawings, 503 x 191 cm, each 47 x 83 cm.


Orebody is a term for a connected mass of ore suitable for mining. The drawings in the series Other Orebodies  suggest an alternative form of excavation, in which the seams are formed by empty, undrawn paper, offering a space for imaginative potential. The grid references the measuring, mapping practices employed by mining industry. This in stark contrast to the form of the crumpled paper, meticulously drawn with on with graphite, inviting an association between the veins of ore and the forms of the human body.


Photos: Hein van Liempd

The Other Orebody, detail

Another Orebody, 2020, graphite on paper on foil, 70cm x 124 cm, 15 drawings: 9 are 20 x 33 cm, the other 6, various sizes.

The drawings are installed elevated 3 cm from the floor, so they hover slightly above the ground.

Another Orebody, detail