Rachel Bacon — Coalessence | 2023

Coalessence | 2023

Coalessence, 2023, screen print of a coal mine in Hazelton, PA and graphite on paper on foil, 40 x 94 cm

In the Spring of 2023 I spent several months working at MAKE graphic studio in Eindhoven, NL, making use of their large scale screen printing equipment and the expertise of the wonderful workshop assistants. For the project What’s the Matter? I made large scale screen prints on black paper of images of damaged coal mine landscapes to use as bases for drawings, to give the viewer a better introduction into the background research of the works. By combining media, I wished to create the suggestion of two “worlds” meeting and becoming entangled.

With my first visits to MAKE I made small scale prints that experimented with adding graphite to the ink, and with the different scales and types of images. Gradually we prepared the larger screen printing frames, which allowed me to print on large format paper. This process took place in the Spring, and I spent the Summer months working in the studio making drawings on the prints. Adding a print on the drawing paper offers me a lot of space to combine photographic images with the materiality of the drawing.

With many thanks for the support of the Stokroos Foundation.

Large scale screen print, 140 x 150 cm, with metallic ink and graphite on black paper on foil. This image was later folded and drawn on in the studio. The print was made in MAKE graphic studio in Eindhoven, NL.
Detail of Coalessence, screen print and graphite on paper on foil