Rachel Bacon

World Map, 2005


World Map


The lines of this gate, the main entrance to the schoolyard, are composed of the political borders of all the countries in the world.


Wrought iron, 220 x 270 cm, 2005


Commissioned for the Da Costa School in the Hague, NL, with support from Stroom Den Haag, the Mondriaan Foundation and the city of the Hague.


The book Atlas was published in conjunction with World Map.


Political borders are abstractions. They represent agreements (or disagreements as the case may be), but except in the case of physical boundaries such as mountain ranges or rivers, they only exist in the imagination. That is, until one tries to cross without the right papers. Then a border, however immaterial it may actually be, can become utterly concrete.


Borders shown are, among others: China/ Mongolia, Tajikistan/ Uzbekistan, Sudan/ Eritrea, Russia/ Lithuania, Uruguay/ Brazil, Germany/ Czech Republic and Sierra Leone/ Guinea


Detail threshold showing scale of the gate: 1: 3,400,000


Overview façade Da Costa School, Hollanderstraat, the Hague, NL.